ALOHA!! Welcome to Naturals, Love and Light

Hi lovely people! Aloha!! What a blessing to be here

This blog is about “feeling the magic of all things natural”!

Yes, it means, not only touching base with Mother Nature, but also feeling her warmth, and relishing all the magical moments that she can offer.

I am so glad to finally pen this magic on a blog, and share the magic around. We all know that what goes around comes around. 

Before I begin, how did this blog happen?

For those of you into naturals, I guess the name of the blog explains itself. 

For the rest, and for all the lovely people, this blog is to give a clearer glimpse of my positive impressions of my experiences with Mother Nature.

So, my story goes like this:

Over the years, I have been happily stumbling upon natural based products & cosmetics – “naturals” as I call it, & touching base with nature’s bounty in many ways. These were

-Simply enjoying the sunset, relaxing nature walks, hugging trees, and so on..

-Making carry bags from newspapers and other life-hacks from natural things and so on..

-Exploring “super-foods”, essential oils, embracing the warmth of beeswax candles, enjoying dark chocolate recipes, and all the lovely things from nature’s bounty basket.

And the list is endless…There are so much of naturals and its bounty these days, so why not pen this magic for all “naturals” explorers! and to the ones who want to explore it!

So, this blog happened! to speak of all “naturals” and ways of living in connection with Mother Earth -that add BEAUTY and at the same time also WARMTH to life, -that which you can rely upon because what comes from nature goes back to nature, and brings a happiness which is everlasting and makes you smile within. 

So, all you explorers and lovely people out there, please do share/post your comments, I would be happy to know your perspectives too!!

Hugs, plenty of ♥ and healthy sunlight, and Namaste!

4 thoughts on “ALOHA!! Welcome to Naturals, Love and Light

  1. deatestvUrmi..thanks for awakening me to the delightful bounties of nature..

    This is an inspiration to wake up and the nk of all that we can gain..from becoming conscious of nature and going the nature way…because real beauty comes from being one with nature and being a natural to the core….getting closer to nature..brings you in perfect order with the universe ..

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