A DIY recipe for eye-strains!


What a blessing to be here !

Here’s my next post on a simple recipe I put together to treat computer related eye-strains.I was relieved almost immediately and wanted to share it on my blog.

It is a do-it-yourself formula that needs simple ingredients.

What you will need:

Any massage oil/body oil.

Rosemary essential oil.

A small mixing bowl.

Rose water.

Cotton pads.


1.In a small bowl, pour a teaspoon of any massage/body oil, (I use Clarins body tonic oil). Add about 6 to 8 drops of rosemary essential oil and stir.

2.Massage this mix onto your forehead above your brows, around the eyes, on the nose bridge between your eyes, and other regions such as the neck, back and calf region of your legs (in case your neck, back and legs are a bit tired or just to pamper yourself).

3.Take two cotton pads, soak for 10 seconds in rose water, and place the pads over your eyes. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and relax. You could play a soothing soundtrack  in the background, if needed. I play songs from Relax Daily or Yellow Brick Cinema on Youtube. After you apply your cotton pads, the rosemary starts to work on your eye strain, and also relieves you of stress. The rose water soaked cotton pad contacts the rosemary essence, and gives an absolutely refreshing feeling to your eyes. After 5 minutes, if you are tired, and somehow kept yourself awake, by now you will naturally fall asleep. You may take off your cotton pads before sleeping. If you were fatigued,  your eyes will feel refreshed and you can work again!

4.Lighting a beeswax candle, next to you will help to purify the air of toxins and helps you to sleep well. This is not necessary, it uplifts the atmosphere, and gives a natural SPA feel.

5.You could try relaxing in nature, after the massage, with the cotton pads still on. Have fun!

Namaste, love and light!



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