The heart’s intuition

Aloha! Greetings, after a long haul. I am back with an interesting topic, which deserves a good read, because it really really  is a whole world of priceless information.

Have you heard about the heart’s intelligence?

And that our intuition is connected with it?

And that it can never fail you?

Well, that’s what Gregg Braden talks in his book – Resilience from the Heart.

In his chapter entitled “The Uncharted Heart”, Gregg explains that the heart is more empowering than the either-or logical thinking of the brain, especially when faced with life’s extremes.

Unlike the either-or logical thinking that will satisfy only the logical perspective of our effort to analyze a situation, the heart intuition help us where it is difficult to apply logic or even otherwise. It works, for example, by sending impulses to sense the “signatures” in our energy field that is connected to everything in the Universe’s energy matrix. The heart guides us to do this effortlessly. Other examples are a precognitive ability to perceive events before they happen.

This entire wisdom is stored like an encyclopedia within your heart and it’s use has been commemorated in the world’s wisdom traditions. It does not have a direct equivalent in English but is well known as Chante Ista (pronounced Shantay Ishda) or the single eye of the heart in the Lakota Sioux tradition among others.

If you google heart intelligence, you are going to stumble on a wealth of knowledge.

I wish you fun, if you choose to explore this area further!! Have a wonderful day & greetings from my heart.


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