Listen to your heart…but How?

Hello together! Happy New Year!

After a long winter haul, we are back this time, refreshed to catch up a bit on the heart.

Everyone, at some point of their life, would have come across this – Listen to your heart! which you would have received as advise from people or from your own self. The band Roxette even has a song dedicated to this one.

But, do you know – Really how to listen to your heart? At least I figured out more after reading Gregg Braden’s book, Resilience from the Heart.

So, my friends, here in 5 steps that are extracted from Gregg’s book (and much gratitude to Gregg for having included this in the book), you can tap into your heart’s wisdom:

  1. Find a quiet place, be comfortable and as you sigh out with relaxed breathing, focus on your heart. You are centering yourself here and going within.
  2. Continue focusing on your heart, and slow down your breathing. You feel a sensation of being safe and supported.
  3. Try to feel a sense of gratitude, caring, appreciation or compassion genuinely and sincerely. It could be for any person or anything you would love to connect to. You feel more empowered now. You may need to find out which kind of feeling works best for you.
  4. Now, ask your heart a question, continuing to focus on your heart at the same time. Try to keep the question as direct, short and specific as possible. Allow it to respond.
  5. Listen, not just with your mind, also with your body – sensations, feelings, tingling, etc. The reply could come in any way that you will know is the answer. There is no right or wrong way in which your heart answers. If you are not accustomed to the ways in which your body responds, this process helps you to do so.

Well, that was all for this time and I wish you an amazing time doing the above exercise. Believe it or not, the more you try it out, the more addicted you are going to get. Have fun!

Till next time, Happy January!




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